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Yugabyte (Postgres)


YugabyteDB requires several dependencies to be installed. Note that the YugabyteDB driver for TAOBench supports YSQL currently.

Install Postgres Libraries

apt-get install libpq-dev postgresql

Install libpqxx

Clone the libpqxx repo

git clone

Build the libpqxx library:

./configure CXX=g++-11
sudo make install

Build TAOBench


Setting up YSQL

Create a YSQL database. The instructions below pertain to YugabyteCloud.

Connecting to YSQL

If you are using YugabyteCloud, connect to YSQL by either using command line (+ Yugabyte client installation) or connection string

Setting the database schema

Connect to the client terminal on YugabyteCloud and create a database called test:

yugabyte=# CREATE DATABASE test;
yugabyte=# \c test;

Create the following tables:

create table objects(
id bigint,
timestamp bigint,
value varchar(150),
primary key (id ASC));
create table edges(
id1 bigint,
id2 bigint,
type smallint,
timestamp bigint,
value varchar(150),
primary key (id1 ASC, id2 ASC, type ASC));


Copy the connection string for the YSQL database into yugabytedb/ For example, using YugabyteCloud:

yugabytedb.string=host=<host> port=5433 dbname=test user=admin password=<password>